Click on a DJ (below) to see their playlist!

How to make a request: Click Here for DJ schedules
Go to DJ's Playlist
  - Click on the Current DJ's picture on Main page
  - Click on the [Request Now!] button in "Now Playing" section
  - Go to the main DJ Playlist Here
  - Find a tune or two from the DJ's playlist

Send request to "Live" DJ
    - Use ShoutBox to send request to DJ
    - Message DJ via Yahoo, Windows Live, or ICQ messenger
    - Use the [Send Request!] button next to the song on the DJ's playlist
    - Send "Live" DJ an email from the top of their playlist page

Send request to DreamWeaver [auto DJ]
    - Use the [Send Request!] button next to the song on DreamWeaver's playlist


    - [Send Request!] button works only when that DJ or DreamWeaver is on-air
    - DreamWeaver Auto-Requests are limited to 5 an hour per listener
    - Go back to Main page by clicking on gold GenX-Stream logo

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